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15 Uganda’s finest music producers in 2019,number 3 and 15 are my finest.


Melodious, sweet and unexplainable.

We call it organized sound that is our best friend to our ears.

we all got a favourite song.have you ever thought who makes music?

It is that dedicated person who seats at the keyboard with the help of a software, with years of practice, talent, filled with passion who translates normally written lyrics on a paper to a unique consumable sound pleasant to our mind.

here with this post are 15 top-notch audio producers in Uganda in 2019, the following have exceeded the average mark, and there are many others but these highlighted ones have been splendid and consistent.

on to number one…………………………

1.Nessim, he is arguably the best audio producer for the last 3 years.

He started his musical journey with the fire bass in kamwokya and later joined Badi Music.

His first raise to fame is made of consistency and quality music for most artists he has worked with,

not forgetting the international ones the likes of Konshens, AKA, Reekado, Tarrus Riley etc.

Among his best works includes Ntunga,Amina, Farmer, Time Table, Nva

Kampala, African Gal, Gutamiza, Very Well, Owooma, Ashyt, No You No Life,

Binkolera etc.

2. Daddy Andre, born Ojambo Andrew, on the outskirts of Kampala in Nsambya,

he is not a new face in music,

he was mentored by producer Ronnie the don but has seen the last two years of great sound.

He has become an extraordinary musician who not only produces but

writes and sings,

quite talented!

He has gone on to rejuvenate the music sound with hits like You And Me,

Sing For Me, Tukwategane, Now, Ku kyokya, Be With You, Kola na binno,

Romance, Dangerous among others.

3.Artin, now a new sensation on the music block,

he has a unique style of urban dance touch that gives a fresh sound balanced between the ear and the body,

he has been at Keiton Records,

spent most time at Jahlive Studios and among his popular works surfaced with the raise of Fik Fameica.

Among the many are Mulembe Gwaffe, Kakima, Sabula, Movie,

Property,Tubikole Dance Body, Slay queen, Embeerazo,kutama etc.

4.Washington Ebangit, he is an icon cross borders and has scored major hits over the decades,

to me he is the father of the good life crew (RAW) REST IN PEACE RADIO,

He is known for a splendid sound, unique dancehall songs and so versatile.

He is a reckoning figure when we talk about music , he is as big as he looks.

Over the decades he has caught our attention with hit songs like Nasinzia,

Kuku, Dudu, Love, Awo, Bikoola, Don’t cry, Talk And Talk, One And Only, Fire anthem,

he has a number of international celebrities who have shared his magical

touch to mention but a few Wizkid, Nameless, General Ozzy,


5. Sir Dan Magic, Oyerwot Brenny Daniel, he hails from firebase records owned by his Excellency the ghetto president Bobi Wine,

we would say so far kyarenga is his biggest hit,

but he has done several bangers including

Gukuba,Aidah,Dembe,Teritulo,Tuliyamba Engule etc.

He has a fine touch and style of fusing afro-pop and dance hall.

6.Diggy Baur, out from his recording empire sound cava,

he is one of the best to come out of Uganda.

He has lived to keep putting our quality audio projects.

His hard and fine mastered songs are so easy to tell among them is, Kiboko,

Hanna Go Down Low, Money, Tokigeza, Ujuwe, Kalebba, Mangadelene, Ekitangaaza Etc.

7.Herbert Skillz, the CEO of sound makers is an astonishing music producer,

his recent project is easy by Bebe Cool. He has fine music among which is Nsilikamu, Mama, Loving you and among others.

8.The weezy, aka Jonathan Wendy is a Congolese born and his unique style has seen him find a spot on our top 15 producers,

he began as a deejay in Kinshasa and was later introduced into production by friends.

and before you know it in a country where he was a student he turned into an audio producer,

he goes on to say his dream is to work with fally ipupa arguably Congo’s

best modern export currently he works with sound print a recording

studio behind the voltage music raise. hits include Twazikoze, Your body,Wato, Body Language etc.

9.Andy music real names Bungamuzi Arnold is a reknown music maker from buddies,

he began his musical journey after senior six.

He began performing with a group called TX, he went on to learn production during one encounter with J Kazoora,

his life took a twist and the rest is history J.Kazoora introduced him to

buddies studio and before you know his first project was co-produced with

kingsley and one moment he went on to produce monster hits Like Love

Portion, Where Have You Been At, So Nice, No Retreat, Cherry Boo Etc.

10.Paddyman, he is a famous music producer with several years of nonstop consistent production.

We can proudly can him a music veteran, his versatility, unique beats, and composure sets him apart.

He is a good singer and has various gospel songs including ekimala kimala.

He has had hits in every season of his life to start with Njogereza, Sente, How We Go, Linda, Abakyala Balabye,Nkwagala

11.Dr. Fizol is the founder of Avie Records,

the year 2016 brought him the most prestigious award of being the

producer of the year in Afrimma awards, quite compelling,


has been around for a good time and he has gone on to make numerous

hits among which include batya, onsanula ,finally, wakikyenga, omuwesi ,mubbi, Hanna etc.

12.Nash Wonder, locally known as Kubirwa Enock is a profound producer in the Ugandan music arena,

his rise to fame was around 2012 with

mega hits Like Ice Cream, Amaaso, Ndabilawa, Gyayo Nteekeyo, Hellena, Ekyama, Nkubukinze, Kukumba,Nkulungula.

He currently run wonders just records and managing sumi crazy.

His earlier journey began at monsters studio, to the good life magic and Swangz Avenue.

He is just as an aggressive hard-hitting producer and every beat of his is filled with dancing energy.

13.Bless touch, he has a place among the known and fine producers,

out of bless touch records,

he has spread his works all over Uganda and beyond.

He is simple calm and has kept music original.

He has several hit songs over the years he has been in the Ugandan music industry.

Among them is nyongera amanyi, heart attack, inna di dance, all I need, wah kinda, physically fit.

14.Murder Kays real names Alex Suuna is a big-time music maker.

Earlier on he was involved in a controversy of a song called fitting RAW featuring Desire Luzinda.

Murder Kays is also a lecturer at Esom Music School where he teaches music production.

It is said he made the instrumental which raw took to Washington and finalized it there.

He has gone on to produce monster hits which include wale wale, leesu,ceaser and seakle,easy, game over etc

15.Eli Arkis, he is a beast in a studio,

he is a fine beat maker, full of style, calm and top notch,

out of route entertainment, he unleashes his magic endlessly,

and his major attribute is versatility and a creative mind.

He has and is working with the best home talent and had gone on to

produce popular hits from level, kano

kozze,akaama,nkwegomba,malaika,aliyenda so many more.


The following have been vibrantly involved in the music on the airwaves for a number of years.

they are not the only , but they deserve a mention for the great works,

and many more are coming up,

Can you mention some in the comments below?

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