“1 good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”

― Bob Marley

You must be looking for a connection of where that quote comes from, right?

Hello music lover, I am a Ugandan born, residing in Entebbe, deep filled with mystery of music magic.

You too, it’s your favourite thing, and possibly we share a lot when it comes down to great musicians, songs and memories it creates.

I am a passionate lyrical listener, great discoverer of unique songs and with a rabbit ear to all music genres.

I would have been a music producer, but the waves of life got me into finances and technology, that did not suppress the music in me, and yes! here I am blogging about the love of my life.

What you are about to discover in this blog is absolutely epic music industry insights and great free information about your favourite record labels, upcoming concerts, your favourite spin masters……. (the one you request to play it again) and so much more.

Lets dive in…….

Want to reach me?

You can send me an email here: jorge@musiciology.com