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King Saha’s Biri Biri concert January 2019

When we talk about the finest Ugandan vocalists, you cant skip Mansur Ssemanda aka KING SAHA.

Born and raised from Entebbe, king Saha has gone on to pump hits since his breakthrough to the Ugandan music scene.

I can undoubtedly say he is a full musician.

First rewind back!

Signal, this is one of those hits that rocked the airwaves,

the maiden hit was produced by producer Didi, and went on to hit in all places,

I can say,

he has been around and for his silky voice, he needs no introduction,


Proudly he is a farmer and a fisherman during his other time when he is not on the mic,

the down to earth 29-year-old has lots to give when it comes to his vocal ability.

By the way,

when we start counting the hits over the few years,

I may make you change your playlist

mulirwana , signal, winner featuring gravity,omwana gwe,k to back hits and his Moses radio sound like.

In between, king Saha, went on to join the leone island where he had some good time and later quit,

and to form and found his own music group commonly known as kings

tondiko,sikyakusoobola, gundeeze, science with nwagi,beera awo,biri biri,

abantu baffe, on my way, pretty,ondabisa,gulawo……..and a dozens more.

Together with humble management, they are staging a grand concert at kyadondo rugby grounds,

can we say he has come of age to choose such a big venue,

yes he has!

let’s not forget this venue has been for international artists and a few homegrown big wings.

Fast forward,


King Saha has had it all on his two hands,

with Biri Biri hitting across borders,

it has hit across all clubs, bars, homes, phones, parties, and borders.

I can say even nearly at the BETs …..woohoo!

maybe they couldn’t handle it its Luganda dialect content.

With the trending audio producer daddy Andre,

Biri Biri was given much attention to capture our eyes, ears, souls, and mind.

The perfect bass, the nice flowing rhythm, and the love filled lyrics smeared with sweet flowing vocals,

I bet you want to drop your chocolate for this  massive single.

Musically, the king is overruling!

I for one will say the visuals were just fine,

we were limited to an indoor session yet I would have loved to see love out the doors, but it was a crafted one but had space to do more.

and guess what1

this concert near me is perfect for you too.


11th january 2018

kyadondo rugby grounds

tickets VIP 50k ordinary 20k

and other concerts coming up

12th and 13th satellite beach Mukono and nimrod beach luweero for 10k each respectively.

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